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Wed Jul 9, 2008 - Cobra - Back after a long recess
I've moved servers and web hosts around... So it's time to update the web page. More to come.

Sat Apr 26, 2003 - Cobra - Elibs update
Wow, just like the last news entry :) Evas2 is in E CVS now, and the sample code page was out of date. It's updated now. Also med is in CVS, so you should go there for latest working versions. Experimental mail archives server up on lurker also.

Mon Nov 5 - Cobra - Elibs update
Been a while since I checked the E17 sample apps page. The code needed some updates for ecore changes and the etox re-write. I've also got a mini ewl app in the works...

Mon Nov 5
There are a bunch of updates for the XFree86 ViRGE driver over on the driver page. XVideo support is enhanced for MX and GX2 as well as some general stabilization for a couple chipsets (MX, Trio3D, and GX2.)

Tues Sep 4
More menu editor updates. Sounds like the Ricochet network is going to be down for a while (ugh.) I'm back to dial-up for the moment. Point- to-point Ricochet still works here, even though the nameserver was taken offline sometime last week. Modems just flash red, but I can still connect over the poletop network to another modem running the Linux strip driver. Odd.

Mon Aug 27
New version of E17 menu editor. I've also been playing with Metricom's Ricochet modems in point-to-point mode. There will be a web page for that coming. Even with the network 'turned off' you can still use the network to attach two machines, at least in my area.

Sat Aug 4
New E17 menu editor page added. Check it out. It's only a prototype, and still needs a bunch of work, but can change existing menu entries.

Sat Jul 21
That image was way to dark, lighten it up some (last weekend...). Add a new version of the test ViRGE module for MX.

Sun Jul 8
New top image generated using POV and SCED.

Sat Jun 30 - Cobra
A little more work on the web page. Getting ready for putting it up. MOSIX debugging continues. I've now got so many different Linux kernel source code trees around I can hardly see straight.

Sun Jun 17 - Cobra - Web page update
Started a web page update. Added links for the virge and e library tutorials which didn't have life outside direct links. Looks like I need to generate a new logo... Been playing with MOSIX clustering for the Linux kernel on SuSE (which isn't going well yet.)